How Should I Prepare for a Meeting with My Agent for My Personal Insurance Policies?

After receiving information about the upcoming renewal of your personal insurance policies, you reached out to your Independent Insurance Agent and set up a meeting to discuss your policies. Now what? Do you need to prepare anything for this meeting?

In order to have a productive meeting with your Independent Agent, it’s a good idea to prepare a few items. For personal insurance policies, such as Personal Auto, Homeowner, and Umbrella, it’s best to prepare by taking the following steps:

  1. Review your policy documents, so you are familiar with your deductibles and coverage limits. You may want to discuss changes to these items in the meeting.
  2. Write down information about any recreational items you have recently purchased. Examples of recreational items include boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, utility trailers, and golf carts.
  3. Make a list of life changes that may happen in the next year. This list may include sending a child to college, buying a cabin, or taking up a hobby that would require a purchase (i.e., boating, golfing).
  4. Note if there are any new or soon-to-be-new drivers in your household or if there have been major changes in driving habits. Changes in driving habits could include a child moving to college without a car or a recent job change for a family member.

After considering these items, you will be well prepared for your meeting with your Independent Insurance Agent. Your Agent may have some suggestions as well for what information you can prepare. To find your Agent’s contact information, you can use our ‘Find an Agent’ tool.

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