Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

When you’re shopping for insurance, you have lots of options. You can choose to buy through an Independent Insurance Agent (who represents you and is authorized to place your insurance with any of several companies), an exclusive/captive agent (who is authorized to place you with one company), or directly from the carrier (such as by buying the insurance online or over the phone). Each of these buying options will provide you with some level of insurance coverage, but the process of buying it and receiving insurance services may differ significantly. Here are reasons why we at Western National Insurance are convinced that an Independent Insurance Agent is the best way to buy and maintain your insurance policies:

1. An Independent Insurance Agent provides you with choice.

Captive agents and direct writers provide you with just one company’s insurance products, but an Independent Insurance Agent can provide you with options from multiple insurance companies. This allows your independent agent to review offerings from different companies — many of which (like Umialik Insurance) are only available to you through Independent Insurance Agents — and help you find an insurance provider that best fits your mix of coverage, price, and service needs.

2. An independent insurance agent represents you.

An Independent Insurance Agent is authorized to sell several companies’ insurance products, but ultimately your agent represents you — not those companies. That means you have someone on your side and ready to ‘go to bat’ for you in the event of an insurance question or dispute. It also means you have a person who is regularly looking out for your insurance needs – which may change over time, and who can find a new insurance provider for you if your current provider is no longer the best fit.

3. An Independent Insurance Agent is a real person you can trust to help you out when you have a question or claim situation.

When you purchase insurance directly from a carrier, you might not have a specific person you know you can call or reach if you have a question or a claim. An Independent Insurance Agent is a real person — not just a computer or a generic company contact — who knows you, who takes time to learn about your insurance situation, and who is readily available to help out. Every licensed Independent Insurance Agent also meets state requirements for insurance knowledge and continuing education, so you know you’re getting an insurance advisor with the expertise to help you properly manage your coverage.

To search for an Independent Insurance Agent near you, use our online Find an Agent tool today.

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