Does My Renter Insurance Cover My Roommate?

If you’re renting an apartment or house and have a roommate, you might have questions about how insurance applies to your personal property or liability. For example, you might wonder: does my Renter insurance policy provide coverage for my roommate? Or: does my roommate’s Renter insurance policy provide any coverage for me?

A Renter insurance policy typically provides coverage only for the person or people named in the insurance policy. Since most policies do not include a roommate’s name, it would not provide coverage for the roommate. However, if property that was bought with a roommate, such as a couch, was damaged in a covered claim, coverage would still apply.

To ensure adequate coverage, both roommates should have their own Renter insurance policy. In certain situations, both roommates could be legally liable if something happens at the shared residence. For example, you and your roommate have a social gathering, and one of the guests thinks they put out their cigarette in a flower pot, but it continues to smolder until it causes a fire several hours later. In this situation, both you and your roommate could be liable for any damage caused by the fire. If only one roommate has Renter insurance, then only that person would have coverage.

To learn more about Renter insurance or for more information on your coverage, contact your Independent Insurance Agent.

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