My Parked Car Was Dented, What Should I Do?

If someone dents your parked car and does not leave behind their contact information, what should you do? To start, you can file a police report to make sure there is a record of the accident. Also, if you’re in a public parking lot, there is a chance that the accident was caught on a security camera. You can ask the store for a copy of the footage and try to identify who hit you. However, it is often unlikely that you’ll find out who is responsible for the damage.

Next, you should notify your insurance company or your insurance agent. If you do not know who hit you, the physical damage coverage on your Personal Auto policy will cover repair costs after you pay your deductible. Your insurance company may suggest working with a direct repair partner. These are body shops with which your insurance company has an established relationship. Working with such a shop can be beneficial, as your insurance company stands behind the work, and the shops often send information about the damage directly to your insurance company, speeding up the process. You also have the option of working with a body shop of your choice. If you decide to find a body shop on your own, a Claims Representative from your insurance company will work with you and the body shop you choose to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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