Gas Grill Safety

The warmer-weather season is underway, and that means more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to cook outdoors with gas grills. While gas grills can be a fun, quick, and flavorful way to prepare food, if they are not used properly, they can sometimes lead to fires or injury. When using a gas grill this summer, we encourage you to keep the following safety tips in mind:

Inspect your gas hose for leaks before turning it on. You will want to make sure one end of the hose is tightly connected to the gas tank, and that the other end of the hose is tightly connected to the grill burners. While doing this, you should also inspect the hose for cracks and holes. Potential leaks occur if the hose connections are not tightly sealed, or if the hose is damaged.

Clean and inspect the grill before using it. Ensuring that the grill is clear of grease build-up, or of any surprise obstacles that could fuel or start a fire (for example, a bird’s nest), will help ensure the grill’s safe usage.

Keep the grill at a safe distance from your house and or deck railings to prevent potential house fires. Make sure the grill is located at least ten feet or more from your house, decorations, and other flammable objects.

Be sure to turn on the gas while the grill burner lid is open. Turning the gas on while the lid is closed will trap the gas inside and cause it to build up, and if you ignite it, it may cause an explosion once the lid is opened.

If your grill does not ignite, give the gas five minutes to dissipate before trying to ignite it again.

When turning the grill off, turn off the gas tank first before turning off the grill burners. This will help prevent any excess gas from leaking out.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

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